Calm communication ™ is my formula for taking a more strategic, calm and considered approach to the what, why, how and when of communication.

It’s easy to only focus on what’s immediately in front of you – a problem that needs to be solved, a goal that needs to met or an opportunity too good to miss – these moments are often the ones that generate the most creativity, have the highest energy and drive the biggest results, but what’s the long term outcome?

When we take a moment to consider where the immediate need fits in the bigger picture, we not only get the result, but we also reach a longer term and more sustainable outcome.

Over the last 25 years, I have mastered a communication approach that addresses immediate needs while keeping the bigger picture front and centre.

Being able to focus in on the vision and the long term impact clients want to achieve, has been a key success factor for our clients time and again.

This approach not only puts the focus on what you say, but when and how you say it, making sure your story is compelling and is always heard.

At the heart of every story is the message it leaves the listener with, and getting this message right – its structure, its design and its delivery – are critical to success.

I have taken this approach and created a Calm communication™ formula, that couples creativity and strategy and enables my clients to deliver from their most prized communication moments to their most difficult, calmly, clearly and consistently.

I have tested this formula on projects big and small and have coached clients through some of their most important communication moments – from media announcements to leading a team through change and disruption.

Calm communication™ coaching helps you tell your story strategically, taking the time to get the message right from the beginning, considering the big picture, and helping you tell it clearly and calmly.