Mastering Calm Communication



Learn the skills that will turn you into a master communicator and help you access your ‘calm’.

Find out how to communicate with clarity and certainty and achieve your strategic goals in any communication moment.

Why calm?

The ‘calm’ concept combines essential communication skills with strategy and storytelling.
It provides you with the tools to create a way of engaging that increases your influence, guarantees your message is heard and enables you to master any communication moment.

In our 5 step guide, you will gain access to:

  • How understanding verbal and nonverbal communication, and active listening can instantly increase the effectiveness of your communication
  • The impact of using storytelling in strategic communication
  • The importance of learning to craft the perfect messages to engage audiences and influence decisions
  • Exercises and tips to instantly improve the effectiveness of your communication
  • Introduction to the Calm communication™ program.

Now more than ever we need to learn how to communicate with calm and certainty.

“Over 25 years of advising senior executives and teams, I have learnt there 5 crucial steps to master effective communication. I want to share with you the power of calm communication where skills meet storytelling and strategy.”



Lucy Beytagh

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