Calm is the companion of clarity and when they work together, they make your story compelling and your voice heard.

I’m Lucy Beytagh, founder of The LKB Agency.

I believe the key to effective communication and engagement is learning how to be calm and considered in your approach.

Over the last 25 years I have developed a Calm communication ™ program that coaches professionals and leaders in how to be more strategic, calm and considered in their approach to communication.

At the heart of every story is the message it leaves the listener with, and getting this message right – its structure, its design and its delivery – are critical to success.

This means preparation and planning.

Through my structured program I help executives, individuals and business leaders prepare and plan for communication moments – no matter how big or small. This could be media interviews, presentations, internal communication and videos or you may just want to improve the effectiveness of your communication.

My Calm communication ™ program will teach you the how, what and when of persuasive communication.

HOW to communicate with clarity and confidence

WHAT you will say and the strategic formula for planning your message

WHEN your audience is ready to listen and the importance of timing.

Coaching can be tailored to your needs, including:

Helping you communicate more effectively with your team and your stakeholders during times of change

Speech writing or presentation development and delivery for events

Learning to communicate and present effectively and with confidence

Helping identify and prepare for potential issues and crisis communication

Book a 15 minute chat with Lucy to discuss how coaching can help you or someone in your business

"LKB brought organisation and structure to my project and drove the planning process with a full understanding of the delivery objectives. Lucy has excellent project management skills, she is a strategic thinker and importantly active in the planning and deployment of her projects. Lucy and her team have superb writing and communication skills, and they understand how to engage an audience and create relevant content."

– Matt Colton, Director MCE

"Lucy is the best at what she does. She develops communication strategies and plans that are perfectly tailored to your organisations needs and is a fantastic mentor and coach to leadership. She is prompt, articulate and works well with teams to get the outcomes you need. She is positive, personable and generally someone you want to work with. I highly recommend Lucy and her team for all your communication needs."

– Melanie Becker, Director at Pena Consulting